Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ferdinand Hiller was ...gay?

I will choose Chopin for my husband, Ferdinand Hiller for my friend and Liszt for ... my lover.

was the tag line of my sites based on the quote by certain countess Plater, who was asked to compare the three best pianists in Paris.

That quote itself became best literature achievement of 19th century, aside from its wit and humor. But in21st century, we have different comprehension of this quote.

Hiller was gay.

I have no bias towards gay people or people with different sexual orientation. I don't intend to make fun of gay people here. But as gay people becoming more and more visible, these observation can be made without offending anyone. So that is good.

So, back to the subject.

Hiller was gay.
Chopin was not exactly a masculine type, either... for all I know. (Yeah, and I'm George Sand. Trust ME on this.) My dear Franz Liszt is... well, I just say that countess is correct to put it that way.
So, why countess made Hiller a friend?

Hiller had exceptional sense of beauty. He is gay. She can ask Hiller about her new fashionable toilet of her choice for the next soiree.
We ,women can consult each other for hair and make up, but at the same time, we really don't trust each other for the comment's face value. (Right?)
But if I had a gay man for my best friend, I can count on him for a honest opinion without competing against each other.
Gay man could be a girl's best friend without comparison.

And countess Plater was a smart woman, judging from the deplomatic comment she made and what she was, a brilliand St. German hostess...

I have to note that Hiller also had a chains of lovers and he had a wife.

Hiller was gay.


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