Saturday, September 18, 2004

G. Henle Verlag

G. Henle Verlag

I had a invitation for desk copy sale from G. Henle. The offer was the best ever I have received from them during the last 5years.

Limit of one copy per title, I can receive 50% off. There were no limit of how many titles I can order, which means that as long as they have in their catalog and have stock, I can buy a whole list. (In theory.)

Yesterday, my UPS guy brought me a box of music I ordered. It is always exciting to open new music. I stacked high on my piano and inspected each books. I was browsing through many pieces with playing on my piano as to find something new to learn.

They are mix of piano music and violin music, since I want to go back to violin playing as well.

Mozart piano sonatas I, II
They are basics everyone have to have. I'm not sure when I can get to it, though...

Mozart piano pieces complete (Those cute little pieces)
I will play it for my sons. :)

Scarlatti sonatas I, II, III
Liszt played those in his concert days. He made it fashionable to dig out forgotten masters.

Bach Chromatic Fantasy
Liszt transcribed this piece, so I just needed as reference. I am a original and transcription, cover band/tribute-band fanatic long before it was fashionable.

Beethoven Diabelli Variation
Ludwig rejected the offer by publisher/composer Diabelli, to participate in Variation project by 50 composers of the time.
11 year old Liszt also contributed on this project.
After all, Beethoven decided to make his own variations, so here it is. One of the Best Piano Variation pieces to this day along side of Goldberg Variation.

Beethoven Violin sonatas I, II
need I say more? I guess. I'm not sure if I play violin or piano on these books. I think I have enough capacity to understand both parts,although I need serious practice sessions.
Violin sonatas are so sensual compare to the solo piano compositions. Partly because it involves one more musician. The excitement and extacy of making music... You would not know if you just playing by yourself, right?

I really want to play violin on Beethoven's composition.
My first inspiration to play any music was Beethoven's Romance for violin and Orch. #2 in F. His music is tatooed in my heart.

Paganini 24 Capricci
I don't think I want to play that much but hey... Liszt, Schumann, Brahms, Rachmaninov and others transcribed it. It is part of my collection.
Paganini, I'd rather play his sonatas for violin and guitar. They are the most adorable pieces to this day. It is so different from other classical masters. It can be really light hearted, pleasureable to listen to.

Schumann Paganini Etude op3 and 10
He was the first one to transcribe Paganini's Capricci. He made a etude out of violin pieces which makes a lot of sence,so that other composers tried the same.
Liszt made fun of Brahms Paganini etude in his piano classes. He thought Brahms was just imitating Schumann and Liszt. But Liszt respected Schumann's composition through out his life. He also valued these etudes as well.

Schumann Piano works II,III
I sis not received III !. Out of stock and not included in this promotion... I did not know Schuman was so popular. So I still don't have kreisleriana. (That was the main reason I picked Schumann. II, well I did not really need but more than $25 savings so I could not help it.)

I saved more than $230 in total. I hope they would repeat these promotion.
Henle music books have best qualities among I have ever seen. Japanese books have great qualities physically, but the contents are sometimes questionable. Henle beats any edition in all aspects on sheet music. Printing, paper, integrity of music contents which is most important, editorial notes which I partly the reason I collect different editions, and service of the USA office.

Henle USA is headed by Herr Holger A. Siems, who has charming personality and accent, very helpful CEO of US Office.
I called the office one morning and he answered, I did not know then that person on the other side was Herr Siems himself.
He did not forward my call to his sales staff and answer my questions about Liszt titles. With his charming German accent, he asked me if I was a proffesional pianist or a teacher. I told him I just play for myself and my child. He was still impressed of my knowledges of the piano music in general and recommended me the editions I wanted. Then proceeded to take orders from me. At the end of the week, I received those titles.

All of his staff are very competent and prompt. Any question you have with editions or contents, you will receive detail info from them right away. Very personal service.

I will try some of Beethoven sonatas for Violin and Piano. Maybe Spring sonata. Schumann Paganini etude of, um... in Liszt etude it was called La Chasse. But of Schumann's has left hand accompaniment.
People who knows me knows enough that of those I started to learn, it is seldom completed. the most pieces are either abandoned or lay down for a very long time. Oh well, that happens. If you are a student or pianist, you have to learn certain pices and finished, or rather polished to present to the public. I don't have that requirement or urgency at all, that means it lacks motivations those people have.

On the other hand, I don't have any stress of learning pieces that does not inspire me at all. I cannot feel every single pieces that I encounter nor understand, therefore it is impossible to present the music as such. I'm not going to play if I don't feel for it. That is something that I stick to it. Music is just music.
I guess it works out very well that I did not choose music as my occupation.


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