Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Is that your fantasy and physical impossiblity?

I was browsing thru these blog pages at random. As always...

Mostly, people are blah-blah-ing about anything and everything. I don't even read them.

Once in a while, I see those pages with 4-letter words and cursing about nothing... maybe those angry teenagers. And then, of course those "fantasy" experiences pages with bragging last night's conquest... I'm sorry to say that it was only a fantasy.

That "fantasy"pages, that I smile about ...
How do I know it was "fantasy"?
Because there are no details of "physical impossiblity". (That was the site tag line...yeah, like,
make love to me, baby!)
It was his fantasy woman, but it surely sounded like one of those, how should I say without offending anyone including myself--- tired, conjugal duties of a 15 year old marriage. (Oh I know, somtimes those duties can be hot, but...c'mon admit it.)
although, it looks like "That was yesterday", I know that it did not happen...(sniff,sniff)
So, which is better? same old wife for , like, forever, or brag about fantasy woman you did not do?

If you want to brag about your fantasy date, go ahead and do it, at least to make us drool over your post!

Not like:
I XXXXed that bxxxx, and she made all those noises when I bxxxxx her from the tail...
-gosh,don't you have any imagination, do you? Or, was that so boring? Only thing I can tell if it was really true, that woman is "ACTING!"
Get a clue, man!

so, I'm still laughing.
My hubby just came home, so I will tell him about this fantasy boy's post.

(I'm still smiling.)


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