Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Jury system in Japan?

This, I can't believe my eyes.

Our justice system never had jury and we hardly understand the basics. I have no idea where they come from (I mean, in Japan.), and how they can integrate the current systems.

One of the reason I said "I can't believe my eyes", is that apparently, those judges and lawyers don't know what they are.

So Japanese government decided to sent 100judges to foreign countries which has jury systems.

That is not high school student's summer exchange program.

What are they thinking? I don't think I could ever go home and feel safe and protected from the laws of my own country.

Japanese people sometimes mistaken that USA is a young country which has under-developped sense of justice systems and inferrior economic understandings. But Japan has only slightly more than 50years of modern history in all aspects, either politics, ecomics and all.
On the other hand, US has useing these sytems long before US are formed as a independent country. Bite that!
US justice systems are not perfect. We have too many lawyers looking for accidents so they can make people sue each other. (So, they can make money either way...)
Why Japanese people wnats to be in the same position?

Everything is defined by laws. Even the first graders are governed by sexual harrasment laws. Macdonal's has to give out disclaimers so that some old lady can sue them for injury from hot coffee.
Is that what they want?


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