Monday, September 13, 2004

Mihaly Zichy -Hungarian noble, artist

I finally found what I long suspected but did not know where to look...

The picture posted previously is only one that I think I can comfortably post here without further implications.

He was from very wealthy Hungarian noble family and studied in Paris, and later, he lived in St. Petersberg as a court painter. In where, I believe he painted the originals of these pictures which after limited number was printed, the plate was destroyed by censors.

He has this very academic skills and eyes of classical arts training. He combined that with very unristricted subjects of "liebe-love" from what he saw, experienced throughout his life. ( I believe.)

The picture posted was apparently he and his model. I don't see the canvas he is working on, so I couldn't say it was after some of the work has been done, or some days after since they started working... I don't know.

I always thought about the tentions between painter and model, which could be very intense and inpiring at the same time, it could been dull and boring.
If there are no chemistry between subject and painter, the picture does not tell any story. If it is too intense or charged I might say, painter will suffer from inadequacy and limitations of two dimensional expression.

Of which, Mihaly Zichy succeeded to convey some feelings of his unchanged curiosity to the "mysteries of life".


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