Monday, September 13, 2004

So this is the third blog that I used...

You just don't know until you get used to the new funtions...
Last one that I used I had no complaints to speak of. Looks very organized, but it did not do much more than that.

Maybe Japanese people did not know how to use those. I don't think anyone connected from outside the link I set from my own site.

So once again, I set this one.

My main website is still in Japanese and I don't see that does too much outside Japan. However, connected to this blog could open something towards very different directions.


I may have to explain why my blog title is what it is... "Liszt in Paris".
Simply, I feel the need to put the word "Liszt" somewhere inthe title. Nothing more. It could have been "Chopin" or "George Sand" as well, for that matter. But I don't know these two as much as I know Liszt, so there it is.


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