Monday, September 13, 2004

This is my Japanese page

One of the reasons that my page is difficult to find... site covers the very wide range of subjects but not all of the 19th century arts, music and literatures.

I'm not concentrating on Piano playing or classical pianomusic... so I can't list my site as classical music nor instrumentals.

I'm not concentrating literature nor history of 19th century so that put it out of the question to categorize as they are...

I'm covering a lot of subject about Franz Liszt and his life in general... but I can't say exclusively. So, I write alot about Liszt with in connection to his life, 19th century cultures such as music and literatures so on and so forth.

And then these blog forms.
I can comment about anything and everything without the reagrds to the themes of my own sites. Of course I reserve the page in my sites to do just that. But it only reasched to the people who visit my page and take time to navigate to that particular page.


From now on, I try to keep it these articles to be short and sweet. I don't like to read long posts, especially if I don't know what they were doing.


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